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The C-CUBES approach equips executives with invaluable knowledge of factors affecting company health and industry ranking.

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Launched November 2016, the C-CUBESTM B2B benchmark survey remains one of the largest and comprehensive monthly studies of B2B managers. Over 8,000 surveys have been collected, and the distribution continues to rapidly expand.

It is imperative to evaluate the mechanisms within B2B firms that contribute to overall company sustainability, success, and health. Within each survey, C-CUBESTM evaluates a set of strategic areas that are important to financial performance. Such areas include:

  • Pricing
  • Product quality
  • Safety
  • Service Support
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Corporate social responsibility

Unlike the majority of consulting firms, C-CUBESTM has developed a proprietary statistical link with financial performance such as sales, EBITDA, margins, and pricing power.

Why use C-CUBESTM  B2B Benchmark?

The C-CUBESTM  approach equips executives with invaluable knowledge of factors affecting company health and industry ranking. This process compares firm performance on loyalty drivers and overall customer satisfaction relative to industry competitors, as well as aspirational benchmarks.

The B2B Benchmark enables companies to determine key strategic areas contributing to optimal performance, and positioning themselves against close competitors and industry leaders. By developing a deepened understanding of its position relative to industry competitors, firms place themselves at a competitive advantage.

Targeted initiatives in key strategic areas stimulates tangible, sustainable improvements in financial performance. Continuous evaluations and initiatives employed by C-CUBESTM assist firms to closely monitor specific internal functions directly affecting overall performance, which in turn increases effective decision making regarding future firm endeavors.


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