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A new paradigm in strategy.

Harvard Business Review

Is Your Company As Strategically Aligned As You Think It Is?

What Type of Senior Executive are You?

What’s your strategy planning quotient?
What type of senior executive are you?

Houston Business Journal

 Why Houston Energy Companies Should Focus On Customer Satisfaction Over Tech


Powered by the most comprehensive B2B benchmark capturing customer perceptions of the most prominent B2B firms in the country since November 2016.


One of the most comprehensive annual studies of parents with children enrolled in all stages K-12 attending public schools.

The Collaborative for Cubes Insights Series uses real-world data to show how customer satisfaction affects businesses from the 100,000- to 100-foot level. Browse the Collaborative for Cubes Insights Briefs below.



How to Plan Strategy and Improve Execution to Achieve Growth

How do senior executives balance multiple and competing objectives and bring sustained focus to their company’s strategy? In Focus: How to Plan Strategy and Improve Execution to Achieve Growth, executives learn they must overcome seven strategy inhibitors via seven research-based strategy enablers. With this book, executives finally have a science-based, consistent, repeatable, and measurable approach to gaining strategy focus.