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Customer-Based Execution & Strategy for Educational Institutions

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Customer-Based Execution & Strategy for Educational Institutions

Customer-Based Execution & Strategy for Educational Institutions


This note describes the concept and implementation of a Customer-Based Execution and Strategy (CUBES). As shown in Figure 1, a customer-based approach uses three models…


Customers provide firms cash flow in the form of sales, royalties, and fees. For non-profits, such as schools and clinics, non-paying customers are an equally important source of cash flow. For example, a public school is paid a fixed fee per enrolled student by the school district, while a clinic’s grant funding may be tied to its number of patients.


“We could stick a sign outside this hall tonight and put ‘rock concert’ on it, and we’d have one kind of crowd come in. And we could put ‘ballet,’ and we’d have a somewhat different kind of crowd come in. Both crowds are fine. But it’s a terrible mistake to put rock concert out there if you’re going to have a ballet, or vice versa.” Warren Buffet, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

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